Dale A. Tripp's T-TRAK Modules


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T-TRAK Modules

T-Track stowage rack, 5 modules per rack

This is Dale's T-TRAK module page

My modules are T-TRAK n scale specification, using 33mm track separation and large corners.

Power is supplied from Digitrax DCC unit and operation is DCC.

All the modules are Japanes prototype.

Corner Modules
in work
in work in work
Crossover Module
Features Japanese town with vehicles and figures
structures on this module are lighted
crossover crossover
River Module with dual track bridge      

Transition Module One, from 33mm to 22mm track separation.
Town center with Bon Odori festival in progress

transition 1 transition 1 trasition 1
Transition Module Two from 33mm to 22mm track separation.
Japanese town scene
transition 2 transition 2 transition 2
Japanese Train station with figures waiting for train and busses waiting for passengers station station station
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